Taking care of the food we give our customers, has always been the main aim of our service. We have been working for years to provide ourselves with quality from local and environmentally friendly products.

With this philosophy, we started our own organic garden in Mutxamel. Today, it supplies fresh seasonal products to the entire Gourmet Group of Alicante. This initiative has become more important in this last year. Confinement has helped us to reflect and work on new formulas towards a food model that is really healthy, safe, sustainable, fairtrade and satisfactory.

As a result we have now created a new very exciting and well thought out menu.

All our vegetables, fruits, sprouts and flowers come from our garden. The eggs are from our happy free range chickens. The bread is made in our workshop with sourdough and selected flours. The oils are the result of years of study, visits to producers and selection of the best quality and varieties. Fish from local market s and organic meats, come to our tables as a result of a close relationship with our suppliers.

Our selection of rice are custom polished by Molino Roca, in Castellon.

Our collaboration with scientists led us to deepen into the cultivation and use of spices such as saffron. Guided by the University of Alicante, with Professor Segundo Ríos, Director of the Torretes Botanical Station (Ibi), we have learned more about the culinary herbs that we use in the restaurant and that we now grow ourselves.

Today our new menu looks to the future. It is tasty, balanced and healthy. It is designed for you who wants to live a gastronomic experience while still caring for yourself and caring for your environment; our environment.