Mini tasting + pairing

97  Iva incluido

Menu consisting of:

5 appetizers + 5 dishes + 1 dessert + small pastry.

Drinks: waters / coffee or infusion.

+ pairing




Surprise kindergarten with Manchego cheese

Shrimp in Pinoso salt stone

Fideuá with octopus

Mulled roe at home and marcona almond

Iberian tartar


Beets, green asparagus, yolk and hojiblanca

Hedgehog yolks, carrot puree and galangal with vermouth and sea lettuce

Norway lobster ravioli with mushrooms, seaweed laurencia and short cigala broth

Hake with emulsion of white wine, picual olive oil, roasted eggplant and fennel


Shoulder of suckling lamb with freekeh, oregano almoraduz and parsnip juice


Dry rice, with cow’s foot and chickpeas


Chocolatísimo “tuttifrutti”


Small bakery


+ Wine pairings selected by our sommelier