María José San Román

Maria Jose San Román Chef

Maria José San Román is a cook in constant development, who combines innovation with Mediterranean tradition in her recipes.

Curious and innovative, she dedicates a great part of her time to investigating products that are native to Spanish gastronomy  such as saffron, a product on which she is considered an international expert, exploring new gastronomic possibilities using this ‘red gold’ and different applications in modern haute cuisine. International ambassador and champion of the qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oils , she is involved in the ‘OliveToLive’ project which promotes a dispenser that conserves the qualities of EVOOs in premium condition.

Restlessness and enthusiasm define her personality, virtues without which she would never have become one of the grand-dames of Spanish gastronomy. Her cooking is subtle and refined, of impeccable aesthetic, technique and precision. She supports a low key evolution always preserving the flavours of the initial raw material.

As ambassador of rice, saffron and EVOO, he has traveled invited to very different countries, where he presented his Spanish Mediterranean cuisine, participating in many conferences worldwide as San Francisco, Reykjavik, Sydney, Beirut, Verona. He has been a speaker and trainer in various international events and forums as Beyond Extra Virgin in Verona and Cordoba Congress of Gastronomy and Neuroscience in Valencia, CIA San Francisco, FoodandFun in Iceland, at Madrid Fusion 2015 “An oil for each dish” in Murcia and Cordoba Gastronomic, etc … and recently in The New York International Olive Oil Competition in New York

Together with her husband José Perramón,  they are proprietors of the restaurants ‘Monastrell’, ‘La Taberna del Gourmet”, the grill “La Vaquería”, the hamburger bar “Tribeca”, comprising together the GRUPO GOURMET ALICANTE (www, a gastronomic project founded in 1975 and which has continuously evolved, garnering a successful role in Alicante’s hospitality offering. The Monastrell restaurant has just received a Michelin star.